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Asking for help and crowd funding.

Crowd funding and the need to ask for help.

I was recently involved in a conversation about being able to ask for help when it was needed.

Asking for help has always been a cultural taboo for myself and countless others I’m sure.

Maybe it’s all part of the autonomy of being British, European, or even just human.

I was particularly drawn to my own experience of being both a counsellor/psychotherapist and a professional musician. I recently engaged in a crowd funding campaign to enable me to pay for my last EP. The asking for help and reaching out was difficult and felt uneasy and quite shameful at times but I persevered. I was struck by how much support I received and how people were willing to support me and my musical product. The biggest surprise throughout the whole campaign was the positivity I experienced. Upon reflection I questioned my assumption and realised that the potential of people being dismissive and un-supportive could have left me in a place of rejection and vulnerability. I was willing to face this vulnerability and left myself open to the potential shaming sting of rejection but came out of the other side. In all, the experience has gone some way into making it feel ‘ok’ to ask for help when needed. The campaign was a challenge both practically and emotionally but I'm truly glad I engaged in the journey. Would I do it again.....I can already feel a little of the fear just tickling my ear...'I don't need anyone'....ahem.

On the grand scale I wonder how many of us don’t ask for help, reach out or fear our own vulnerability in our daily lives?

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