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Hummingbird Blindness and 'us'.

I was recently asked about the possibility of partnering up with the brilliant ‘We are Hummingbird’. Hummingbird provide a platform for bands to create a playlist and talk a about their own experience in music and mental health. I initially didn’t understand the concept……bands make playlists…yes..then what?

All this changed when I spoke with the founder. As I spoke with John I realised that such a simple message of fellowship and community within the framework of a shared love of music is probably the purest form of connection. Bands, tribes, tours, gigs and most of all MUSIC!

How did I miss this! After my initial blindness to such a great idea I quickly reflected on my work as a therapist and realised that my biggest asset in the therapeutic relationship is ‘me’ and my ability to enter the journey ‘with another’.

This ‘with anotherness’ is the glue that holds the journey together and allows the trust to form to enable ‘us’ to explore together. Without the ‘us’ there is no therapy! I’m also a musician who operates in an ‘us’ environment but didn’t put the two together as Hummingbird have.

The moral of this story? ………Sometimes look within and ask a question.

Go and see their site 'We are Hummingbird'. Click Here.

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